Go With Who?!

Hi there!

My name is Chloë O’Brien and I am a 23-year-old travel and self-improvement enthusiast. At the moment of writing this I am backpacking through India for 2 months and thought this might be a nice little way to docunment my journey for myself, friends and family. Along the way I hope to aquire plenty of tips and advise to share with other travellers. I am a solo female so this is the group of people I will be targeting with my blog posts. Please note that I am a very open minded person who likes to theorize and has a big interest is philosphy and psychology. My blog will therefor not only contain Travel posts.

I have an Architecht (INTJ-K) type of personality. Which mean I like to gain as much result for as little effort as possible. Therefor I will list some key facts about myself down below for you. This way you have a clear view of who I am and whether you will enjoy to read my blog.

* I have 2 British paren but I was born and raised in the Netherlands.
* I have been a runner for 3 years.
* I practice yoga and meditation every morning.
* I believe in the magic of routine.
* Affirmations can change your life.
* I love travel, I believe it makes people more accepting an kind.
* I love animals, mostly cats.
* I love food and I am open to try almost anything new
* I have Hypothyroidism and the Syndrom of Reynaulds.
* I love being in hot places, makes me the best version of me.
* I have a dream of building businesses and building myself.
* In my opinion, cost and worth are 2 completely different things.
* I can be perfectly happy living as a minimalist.
* At te same time I enjoy a spot of lucury every now and then.
* I don’t want to buy a house and settle down.
* I want to travel around the world and live day to day,
* Maybe one day I would like to design and build my own house. Sleek, minimal, open plan and surrounded by forrests.
* I love to read, I do like fiction but prefer to be more productive so I like self help books.
* I have not watched regular tv for 3 years now. I permit myself to watch 1 episode of an eveing via NetFlix providing I have the time.
* I have a severe distaste for laziness and negativity.
* I really want to learn how to plaster walls.


Chloë O’Brien

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