A Crazy Day – Jaisalmer – Jodhpur – Jaipur – Day 26

Another early start I’m afraid. I needed to meet the girls at their hotel by 06:10 AM so we could go and catch the bus to Jodhpur, we still were not over our last bus ride so we were not looking forward to it, if there had been a train connection we would have happily done that instead but alas.

I had luckily saved a banana so I could have that for my breakfast and the girls got me a packet of chocolate biscuits so that would keep me going. I felt a little bad eating the biscuits though because the previous night I had eaten that entire Dairy Milk chocolate bar Luv had given me a few days earlier. I had promised myself a treat since the Vipassana so it didn’t really matter that much haha!

Of course, the bus left late and during the ride, the bus made more stops than it should have which was very annoying and making the bus overly full. As I am typing right now I am being stared at by a guy, I am giving him pure evils as I do not care how bloody curious he is about me he should mind his own business.

We actually had a stop about an hour and a half ago which let people on that seemed extremely disconnected from ‘modern’ India life. The girls were both wearing shorts as apparently in Chennai it is fine to do so, I must make a mental note to tell people to go more to the south when they ask me for advice as I have been hearing much more pleasant stories from that region. Shame I have chosen to skip it. But because they were wearing shorts, all of a sudden all eyes were of me and my Western looks and onto them. They were sat in front of me but I found it very uncomfortable the way they were being goggled at so I asked them if they wanted my jacket and cardigan to cover their legs, they were so grateful and said they had just been discussing in private how uncomfortable they were feeling too.

Let me put some positivity in this story…. Have any of you watched the Sex and the City 2 movie? 4 women go to Abu Dhabi in the Middle East and one of them drops her bag and a strip of condoms drops out, every man around her get angry and upset and then she flips ‘ YES I AM A WOMAN AND I HAVE SEX!!’ (I can’t remember the exact phrase) of course they had to flee the country haha! But these are kind of the feelings and vibes I am getting here, I need my bloody rights and safety back.

Without any verbal communication, I could sense the air of relief when the last group of people that had entered the bus got out. That might have been one of the most unsafe moments I have felt yet.

After the bus had finally arrived, we got out to see that our backpacks had been thrown on the street (waiting to get stolen). Somehow soaked through the mud. I was rather livid as I had my books on top and they are the most precious thing I keep in my backpack.

We then got a rickshaw to the railway station so we could store our luggage backpacks there for the day whilst we would be spending the day sightseeing, we would need to go back there in the evening anyway as we needed to catch the train.

When we approached the Mehrangarh fort I was amazed at its size, I hadn’t expected it to be so massive! It was really stunning and a pleasure to walk around through. Although today the spotlights were taken off me, everybody was staring the girls down because they had shorts on, it was really uncomfortable and it really pissed me off when people would secretly take pictures. I actually saw an astrologer whilst in the fort, a lot of what he said seemed like it would be fitting enough for most people but he did say a few things that were more specific and intriguing.

We had received a notification that our train had been delayed by 2 hours, this would mean we had to kill another 2 hours in Jodhpur. We wanted to walk through the ‘Blue City’ and through the market but all 3 of us got a whole new kind of culture shock. This city is sooooo disgusting. I couldn’t wait to get out of there, I had been feeling home sick all day and now with the train delay on top of it just feeling pretty crappy. I am honestly so ready to go home but think I should give Goa a go as I had been looking forward to that most.

We had 4 and a half hours to kill, I was stressed, tired and just in a bad mood. We went to this restaurant to kill some time and we came across a French guy I had met at the astrologer. He joined us at our table and at least]st that way time flew by and all of a sudden we needed to rush to the train station to pick up our stuff.

Of course, the train was delayed by another hour. But to be honest I was so scared we would need to end up sleeping on the station floor.

How have I not cried yet? I want to go home.


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