Exploring Jaisalmer – Day 25

At 6 AM my alarm went off. After having watched the sunset in the desert the previous evening the three of us were wanting to get down to the lake in Jaisalmer to watch the sunrise. As. went to meet the girls I saw a man get out of his car and all of a sudden his car started going back down the hill, I luckily was able to get the mans attention so he got in his car just in time before it would have caused absolute chaos.

Once we got down to the lake we wanted to make sure that we would have a good spot to take pictures and enjoy the view so we had quite a climb but it was worth it. There were hardly any people there at all which really surprised me, there were only 4 more foreign people who seemed to be photographers. After we had watched most of the sunrise, a couple walked past me and they were talking Dutch. I don’t think I have ever been so happy to see some Dutchies in my life. We had a little chat about our trips and mainly the difficulties and annoyances here in India.

We had decided that after watching the sunrise we would go and properly get ready for the day and meet up for some breakfast in about an hour. Whilst I was getting ready, the actual hotel manager had arrived and came to knock on my door to meet me, I can’t really say that I appreciate being bothered everything when I am just in my hotel room and I only have only experienced it here in India. Anyway, I told the manager that I was not too impressed with the ant infestation I had in the night, it’s not even like the ants here are small like back home, they seem to be as big as beetles. He apologized and offered to put me in a different room but then I told him I would only be needing 1 night there anyway as I would be joining the girls on their travels until the 15th of December. We had kind of the same itinerary but their pace was a little faster because they would have to get home. I didn’t mind because we were still doing exactly what my plan was in the first place and I would have company and a safe feeling for the next couple of days.

After we had eaten breakfast we went to Jaisalmer Fort, once again I was disappointed to see that people actually still live and drive within the fort. It is so absolutely beautiful though, almost a pleasure to walk through if it wasn’t for the annoying people. We had found a pretty and secluded place to take some pictures, all of a sudden a man decided he would go and stand behind us for some reason, also blocking our pictures by the way, but then a second man appeared and said that we were taking the long route through the fort and we should follow the alleyway for the shortcut. My blog seems to be extremely negative about India but when things like this keep happening day in and day out it gets a little bit tiring. What exactly his intention was I am not sure but once again it was obviously a trap.

We bought ourselves a ticket to go into the palace and have a little wander, it was really so pretty to walk through but the stories and histories on the signs seemed to be a little bit of make-believe. After the seeing the palace we roamed the streets for a little while and then we found a man that was making Jalebi, an Indian sweet that I was wanting to try since I had seen it in a movie. It was really tasty, you could feel the sugar rotting your teeth as you bit into it.

Whilst we were walking around in our next spot, the Rani Ka Mahal, a man saw me and starting to sing Barbie Girl to his friends So charming and actually so racist. I am really counting down the day to get to Goa, I am trying to change my flight because I don’t like the rest of what I am experiencing in India so I would rather spend more time in a Westernized part of the country with some beaches. I really hope I can change my ticket to leave Rajasthan 8 days earlier than I had planned for.

After we had seen inside the fort and the picturesque market stalls we got a rickshaw to Bada Bagh which was meant to be royal cenotaphs ( I needed to Google what that even means, no shame haha!

It was really beautiful but I noticed that they were all designed the same way, the special tombs I know usually have been designed in different ways so they represent the person they are made for a little bit better. When we had looked around and taken some pictures we sat down in the shade and were sorting out our travel for the coming few days, well, to be honest, Rukmini took control and sorted everything out. I have already told her how much I admire her and that she is a complete boss lady! She could easily become a very successful person with the hard-working attitude and confidence she has. Normally when I travel with people it is me doing all of the planning, don’t get me wrong I like to make sure I do everything I want to do and I tend to think I am the best man for the job haha, but it is actually really nice to be ‘ looked after’ whilst travelling with these absolute babes, especially after having to have already sort so much out and planned so much whilst being here. I don’t need to think about anything, I just tag along for the ride, such a pleasurable experience!

When we got back in the rickshaw we were all kind of sleepy, I hadn’t had much rest since being ill at all and waking up so early this morning after coming home so late the previous night was taking its toll. Before we could have a small rest we had to book a bus ticket for the following morning as we would be heading to Jodhpur for the day and catching a train to Jaipur that same night. You can imagine that it relieved me of quite a bit of stress being able to travel twice with the company who actually know what they are doing.

When we got into the ticket office, there was a Western guy sat there, he immediately starts talking to me and asking where I was from and what I was doing in India. It’s funny how you can connect on such a level with total stranger purely because you find someone who is similar to you and you are both so much in the minority. He was French but spoke perfect English with my favourite accent and he was so nice. I felt so bad for him and was seriously getting in an absolute panick for him because he was desperately trying to sort out his bus ticket with someone who hardly spoke English and being ignored half the time as the man who worked there would get distracted by other customers and food and phone calls. I knew exactly what he was feeling and he was getting more and more agitated after waiting more than half an hour to be helped properly. I got the girls to help him as they spoke both languages and finally, his situation was sorted. The worst part is that the people here seem to find it really funny when someone doesn’t understand what is going on and just brush us off as silly foreigners. I am quite sure that I will return home as a lot more hardened and decisive person.

Every time I write a blog post I feel like it must look like I am having serious regrets about coming here and being an absolute whimp and I feel a bit bad about myself. But the truth is, I love this country, it has so many amazing places, history, food and nature but it is just the people who are making it so hard for me. I am actually being a little hard on myself because almost all of the foreign people I speak to here are facing the same feelings and experiences, just torn between the amazingness and the people. It is funny that so many people have been calling me brave for the past couple of weeks, back home I would never consider myself a brave person but to be honest, doing this alone as a 23-year-old girl is not something to be taken lightly. Even couples and groups of people are having a hard time.

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