Sick In Udaipur – Day 23

Last night before hitting the bed I had gotten really tired and super cold, I thought the cold and tiredness was making me feel nauseous but during the night it became apparent that I was feeling cold and tired because I was getting sick. for the duration of the night, I had woken up about 9 times to vomit, at least it was only coming out from one side instead of 2 but I still felt awful. The following day I would be required to check out by 11 AM and catch a bumpy 12 hour bus towards Jaisalmer, it goes without saying that I wwas feeling more than a little worried about this.

At 9 AM I still decided that I would try to have some dry toast for breakfast but even walking the steps up to the terrace made me feel so dizzy and nauscious that I thought I would faint. It was such a shame I was feeling like that because when I came up there was a lovely couple from Manchester who I had a little chat with but I felt bad because I couldn’t give them my full interest as I was focussing on not vomiting or fainting. They had both been wanting to travel the world for their entire lives but never had the courage to give up their good job that made their lives so comfortable. I congratulated them on being able to escape the ‘rat race’ they laughed and thanked me heartedly. The weather had cleared up tremendously today and I was hoping to go on a boat ride today but I knew I needed to stay in bed which was such a shame because the lovely couple said that if I felt up to it I was more than welcome to join them.

After breakfast I had a little lay down which made me feel better until I needed to pack my things as I would be required to check out in 15 minutes. When I went to checkout I kindly asked the man if I could maybe rest somehwere in the hotel for a couple of hours, as I was asking I needed to run to the bathroom to extract my breakfast. The hotel manager still declined a 23 year old girl traveling alone this request, this will be going straight to Tripadvisor though. I messaged Mairi as at this point I was a bit clueless as of what to do, what she sent in reply had changed the entire outcome of my day. She told me to please come to her and Kelsey’s room as she would be staying in bed too with a sore throat and they had a 3rd bed anyway, how absolutely lovely is that?! For about 3 hours I slept and then decided to get some fresh air up on the terrace with a cup of ginger, lemon and honey tea and then I also videochatted with my mum and cat for about 40 minutes which was nice. I had another little nap for about an hour and then it was time for me to man up, get a rickshaw and get on that bus.

The rickshaw man completely tried to rip me off again as always. Ola cab would have charged 95 RS and this guy wanted 120 RS, he was lucky I was wanting to make sure I would be there on time so I agreed. During the ride whilst feeling very ill I was following our route on google maps and he was going all the way around, got mad with him mainly because I wasn’t at all in the mood to be on a bumpy loud rickshaw when trying to hold my puke in, he acted like I was stupid so I told him to stop. Luv, one of the guys I had met at my hotel on my first night wanted to wave me off so he would meet me at the bus stop, I rang him told the man he was my boyfriend and gave him the phone. All of a suddon his intire attitude towards me changed and he went straight to the right location and then when luv met me I had a final go at him for daring to treat me different until he thought I had a local boyfriend which of course is not the case. Luv sorted out the situation and I only paid half the taxi fare in the end, then he put me on the right bus and gave me a bar od Dairy Milk chocolate as a gift! I am super grateful for all of his help and genererousity, reminding me that not every person in India is a complete dick. Whilst waiting for the bus I met 2 girls travelling from Chennai who spoke nearly perfect English, it was nice to be with some more female travellers that I could speak with when neccesary and as it turned out, we were the only girls that night on the bus so that gave us an immediate bond to look out for eachother of course.

The bus ride itself was mainly me staying in the perfect position so I wouldn’t feel sick. Apart from that the time went quite fast but it was so insanely bumpy that my back and legs are filled with bruises! The bus stopped a few times but I didn’t feel safe at those places to use the bathroom so when we were on a road surrounded by nature I told the man in the bus I wanted to stop to use the bushes. I saw him hesitate so I said that I was pregnant, one of the few ways men in this country seem to show some respect to women. I had luckily aquired quite some experience with the squat pee over the past few weeks so it was a much better option for me than to go past crows of men at 2 AM to use a real toilet.

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