Exploring Udaipur – Day 22

At 08:00 I woke up, I wanted to have a shower and for the first time since I have been in India the water has been too hot, my cold tap wouldn’t go on! I didn’t want to complain because 90% of my life I spend complaining that I am too cold so I had decided to shower the Indian way and use the bucket provided, I hope that won’t be necessary again during this trip. My newly found Australian friends and I had arranged to meet up during breakfast this morning so we could talk about the coming day and have some breakfast together. We had a couple of things we wanted doing for sure, go back to one of the textile shops we had been to yesterday as he was getting his new seasonal stock in today, go to some gold shops and I really wanted to finally find a post office to send off some postcards.

I was the first person to arrive in the breakfast terrace so I ordered a pot of Chai and did some work for my blog as I was a little bit more behind than I would like to be, about 10 minutes later everyone started arriving and we ordered breakfast. Today I decided to have the banana porridge, it was quite a bit runnier than how I make it at home but it was still nice to have something filling in the morning that would keep me going. We spent a while chatting and then each went off to brush our teeth and collect our stuff before heading off.

It is a sad thing but it seems that climate change is really taking its toll, it has been rainy and gloomy for the past 2 days in Udaipur and entire Rajasthan actually, Mairi had said that in all the times she has travelled to India she had knows it to be pleasantly sunny at this time of year without a drop of rain. We had heard on the news that a cyclone had hit India, even Mumbai the day after I had been there so I was so grateful about the timing of my travel or my flight might have been cancelled.

The 5 of us had reached the textile shop and we spent about an hour choosing fabrics and styles of clothes that we wanted to be made, the man would make the clothes from scratch to fit our body perfectly. I have wanted a certain style dress for a couple of years now but have never been able to find it anywhere so now was my perfect opportunity to get one made. So I got 2 haha! These custom made and tailored dresses would cost a very decent total of 20 Euro. Since I have been in India I have decided that I will want to explore the Middle East as soon as possible and my next destination after India will be Istanbul So I go the perfect dresses made for these trips!

The following day I was planning on getting a bus an going onwards to Jaisalmer, a city situated in the Thar Desert but I still needed to sort out my transportation so I found a shop that was advertising their bus services and I booked one for the following evening. This would give me plenty of time to finish off some sightseeing in Udaipur and would ensure that I would be arriving in Jaisalmer at around 08:00 AM on Friday. I had booked one of the more luxurious buses in which the chair goes almost completely flat and you are provided with a blanket so you can sleep during the night time. I have been looking forward to this destination very much, I am not completely sure why I think I have a subconscious attraction towards deserts. I honestly find anything below 25 degrees on the cold side so anything to do with heat fills me with such joy! I am also planning on getting a nice pashmina in Jaisalmer.

Mairi askes Kelsey and me if we would be okay if she would head back to the hotel for some time for herself and a rest, so we decided to head towards the Udaipur City Palace, I had heard from a couple of people that it isn’t that interesting but I hadn’t travelled all this way not to give it a fair go so we got ourselves a ticket. The palace has probably once upon a time been a really magical place but because of the way the sight had been constructed for visitors it just felt a bit crowded and chaotic. I think if you were able to wander there alone and take the route of your preference that it would be a lot more enjoyable. The architecture and decorations were rather lovely and what was so noticeable was how tiny the people must have been back in the day, I am 156M but needed to bend down through the doorways otherwise I would have banged my head.

When Kelsey and myself had finished in the City Palace we went to find some shops who sold gold as we both wanted some more jewellery but we both seem to love the wrong resource as no matter in what country I am, there is an abundance of silver but hardly any choice of gold. Whilst roaming the streets today I was definitely in a less lenient mood than the previous day, the people were annoying me, the traffic and just plain business was annoying me and the filth was really getting on my nerves.

Now I don’t mean to offend anyone but I am going, to be honest, the people of this country have absolutely ruined its beauty and it really pissed me off. The way they litter and treat their environment and have not maintained the beautiful history of their country, it is such a waste. I am sure that a couple of decades ago this was one of the most beautiful country’s in the world but it has really been taken for granted. I don’t understand how people can have such disregard and I don’t think I will ever experience it in such abundance in any other place than India. Don’t even get me started on how some people treat tourist, and mainly us blonde ones. Okay, rant over but seriously, take some bloody responsibility.

it was just over 14:00 PM and we were ready for a small bite to eat, we located Edelweiss which I think is not a franchise at all but an absolute rip off of the real thing, but we had both ordered some Chai and a pastry. I had first ordered a chocolate croissant but it was so stale that I went to the counter and told them off, I got to choose something else for no extra costs so I got a slice of banana cake which was much nicer.

We both actually wanted to wander around the city but all of the things I had mentioned in my rant were just so annoying that we just headed back to the hotel instead. In the morning when we had headed off there had been a rickshaw driver that wanted us to ride with him, but he had been following us the entire day. It would be so nice if people would understand that their city’s get more prosperous when the tourists are kept feeling comfortable and feeling happy instead of wanting to flee to their hotel rooms.

After spending 2 hours by myself and having a little moan to my boyfriend I felt slightly better and was looking forward to a nice meal out with everyone. We had arranged to meet at 17:30 PM so we would be finished on time to go and listen to the music in one of the Vishnu temples at 19:00 PM which I was very excited to see. When I got out of my room Mairi was waiting there for me by herself, Kelsey was a bit tired and the rest hadn’t returned to the hotel yet so it was just us. I had found a top rated Restaurant ‘The White Terrace’ on Tripadvisor which seemed to be popular with tourists, I know most people like to avoid tourist traps but in India I have a preference for them as they look and feel cleaner and the food is usually prepared in a way that is stomach friendly for Westerners.

After a short 5 minute walk, we walked up the staircase on to the terrace and it was rather lovely, painted all white and decorated with fairy lights and cosy plants and succulents it was right up my street and reminded me of how I imagine evenings in the Middle East whilst smoking shisha haha! I ordered Paneer with spinach puree, a garlic naan and a glass of banana lassie, and I must say that for a tourist trap, this was by far the best food I have so far had in India, it was so very tasty and I enjoyed it so much.

Mairi and I had a such a delightful evening just chatting about travel and life, she has made some amazing trips and I find it so inspiring. It is always so noticeable in one’s behaviour whether they have travelled a lot or not, people who have are often so wise and open minded and seem to be such humble people. Even if I weren’t to finish my 2 months in India and would have only experienced these past 3 weeks, I feel like everything I have experienced here has changed me so much and made me so much stronger and more aware of myself and other. I have never in my life been so aware of my own thoughts and feelings. I have often heard people say that if you can survive India, then travelling anywhere else in the world will be a breeze. I have a strong suspicion that this is extremely accurate, never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined witnessing the things I have witnessed and experienced here, no matter how good I will tell the stories back home no one will be able to understand what it is like here unless they experience it for themselves. The strangest part of all I think has definitely got to be how much and how fast your emotions, mood and luck can change here.

After dinner the 2 of us headed towards the temple where we could watch the locals show their love and devotion to Vishnu, we walked up the many steps and followed the music into the temple, it was so lively and there was such a fantastic vibe. The people there really wanted us to feel included and ushered us to join and sit with them. It was rather cold so we didn’t stay very long, it was so fantastic to see though!

You wouldn’t believe it. Whilst walking back to our hotel I spotted that bloody rickshaw stalker man again. Do you get what I mean when I say that I am made to feel very uncomfortable?

Anyway……. I think Udaipur is so much prettier at night time, the vibes also seem more pleasant and modern. I really enjoyed our little walk back and it got me thinking about how much my mood had changed again from a few hours earlier. As I was back in my room I started tidying my things up whilst watching some of my favourite YouTubers who are making videos in festive season style. It is so strange because Christmas is honestly the last thing I am thinking about here and the mood is totally not set up for it as it feels like summertime, even in November whilst I was still home I hadn’t put myself in the Christmas spirit because I was preoccupied with my trip. I can’t say that I feel like I am missing out on anything, I actually think I have a better bargain by spending 2 months in the sun and especially with the prospect of my new years eve partying in Goa!

Uhg, one of the first things I will do when I am back home makes an appointed to get my heart tested. I have been having seriously painful and uncomfortable heart palpitations for the past 2 weeks with a feeling of my throat closing up, it actually keeps me awake at night or even wakes me up. Don’t worry, if it gets any worse I will go to a hospital here instead of waiting until I am home. Apart from my heart playing up I have another annoying situation going on, I have 8 piercings in my right ear, 3 of which have started infecting and I am assuming it is because of the dirt, I have been doing my best to disinfect them all daily since day 1 of arriving in India because I was already worried that this might happen but if anybody has any advice regarding this please let me know!

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