Udaipur – Day 21

Today I had woken up without any concrete plans, I would have a look what there was to do in Udaipur and what I was in the mood for over breakfast. As I entered the terrace I spotted Mairi having a and joined her at her table as she was having some chai, I had ordered some Nutella and banana toast so we had some breakfast together and Mairi asked me if I would like to join her and her granddaughter for the day. I was beyond happy and said I would love to as long as Kelsey was okay with it. When Kelsey arrived she was enthusiastic about me joining them for the day so all was settled.

We had decided to have quite a relaxed day, do a lot of walking around and maybe a spot of shopping. It was so nice to finally see actual shops instead of stalls set up on the street. I had actually been looking for a place where I could buy some toiletries since getting in India, but it had proven to be quite difficult and I didn’t really want to go looking specifically for one. We had done a spot of jewellery shopping and I got a lovely blouse and some loose trousers as I had ripped the ones I had previously bought. Around 14:30 PM we were a bit peckish so we headed into a lovely cafe owned by a Greek woman. I had a lovely cup of coffee and a bowl of pasta, because the woman was making everything herself we had to wait an hour for our food which was the only downside but the food and coffee themselves were absolutely lovely.

After we had filled our stomachs up Kelsey and I wanted to get some henna done, I had never had it before but since being in India I have come to appreciate the women and the way they are decorated with henna, jewellery and saris. The three of us headed into a little bookshop because I was desperate to find some postcards which had also proven to be an absolutely impossible. I had finally found some, not exactly the quality I wanted but better than nothing and the man actually had the stamps to go with them too! The only task left to complete was finding a letterbox. It is such a shame I have no space left in my rucksack because I keep finding the most interesting books here in India, that doesn’t seem to be published and resold in other countries because I can’t ever find them online to order back home. I do enjoy a good book about life improvement.

In the evening I would be heading out for dinner with Bar the Israeli guy I had met the evening previously, he would be leaving Udaipur that very evening so we really wanted to meet up to have a chat and spend together to pick each other’s brain. He picked me up at 19:30 and we went to a lovely vegan restaurant where to the owner was so lovely and we had the most amazing food. Bar had spent the day volunteering at the animal shelter with the poor cows and dogs that had eaten too much plastic so their entire insides were completely ruined making them immobile and meaning they were dying a slow and painful death. I told Bar how amazing I thought it was that he did that but that it broke my heart too much to be able to do that. He said he could see the tears in my eyes and agreed that it couldn’t be suited for me. It was nice to have some food that actually felt like it was easily digestible and completely nutritious. After we had eaten we played a board game for about an hour with a cup of tea and we had a fantastic time, such an interesting and social person.

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