Mumbai To Udaipur – Day 20

Miraculously I woke up feeling reborn and in a very positive and motivated mood even after the fiasco of a night I had lived through a mere 6 hours earlier on the streets of Mumbai. I remember thinking to myself that it must be the Vipassana meditation course that helped me get over it so quickly as I would normally still be recovering or even be ready to book a flight back home. To be honest, though, I have spent the past year working extremely hard on understanding that everything happens for a reason and every bad situation is a learning curve when you get past it instead of running a mile, you will grow a tremendous amount on an emotional level.

I went down to have some breakfast and there I got into a conversation with a man who lives in Bristol who seemed to be in his late 60’s, I asked if it was alright if I joined at his table and we had a chat about our travel plans and meditation. He had come to India especially to meet a guru for half an hour to perfect his Samarpan meditation technique, talk about dedication! After breakfast, I went and had a shower and got ready to head off to the airport.

What a lovely airport Mumbai has! It feels so chilled out and relaxed and there seems to be a vibe of luxury in the air. I seemed to have also have found all of the rich Indians who dressed exceptionally well and were draped in designer labels, had blow dried perfect hair and spoke better English than me. It became so clear to me what the difference in class can mean in India especially regarding education.

When I had spotted a Costa Coffee and a Subway I just couldn’t resist adding some Western spice to my life. I spent an hour or so working on my blog, did a spot of window shopping and made sure I was very early at my gate. I had actually made sure that I was at the airport 3 hours ahead of time instead of 2 because I wasn’t sure how long it would take to get through security and after yesterday I wasn’t in the mood for taking any chances. My aeroplane was delayed by an hour but I really couldn’t have cared less. I was sat comfortably, there was Christmas music playing in the background and I had plenty of things to keep myself occupied with. Once I had made it onto the aeroplane I was delighted when it turned out that the seat next to me was vacant, the woman on the window seat seemed just as happy and we did a ridiculous cheer of happiness which got us talking for the entire journey haha! She was travelling to Udaipur with her sister, they liked to go travelling together twice a year, how nice is that?!

I had reserved an Ola Cab to take me to my hotel, all went smoothly this time and as we drove closer and closer to the city centre, the city got more and more beautiful. What an amazing and historical place it seemed to be, I don’t think I have ever seen a city yet with so much character. To be honest I was a little surprised, Udaipur was only supposed to be a middle destination before I would go on to the ‘ more interesting’ cities so I had booked 2 night but would have only 1 day for sightseeing but I knew immediately that I would want to prolong my stay as it had such a good and positive vibe and I felt very comfortable being there. Whilst driving towards my hotel, I had spotted more foreigners than I had seen in the last 19 days, I was delighted as I knew that would mean I wouldn’t be seen as anything special here, fewer pictures!

I checked into my hotel, an ok room overlooking the city palace and view over the ghat and then I decided to head towards the roof terrace as it was evening and I was very curious what the view would be like. It was so stunning to be overlooking the city in such a way, my favourite part is that the city was buzzing. Pleasant music was playing from different places, you could watch people enjoy themselves on all of the other lively rooftops. These are exactly the kind of vibes I like! When I was enjoying the view an elderly lady called Mairi spoke to me and required after my travels and who I was, we had a lovely chat and then she introduced me to her granddaughter, Kelsey. They had come from Brisbane Australia and were here with 2 of Mairi’s friends. I had immediate respect for Mairi because she loved travelling so much and was still very active in it, I told her how amazing I found it that she had the opportunity to travel with her 22-year-old granddaughter. We had a chat, smoked some shisha (lol) and then I decided that I still had plenty of blog work to do so I would sit downstairs in the more covered terrace and have some Chai whilst working.

My plan was thrown out of the window when I guy came and sat next to me and introduced himself as Bar, a 25-year-old Israeli who was backpacking alone too. he said he had just seemed me on the rooftop and said that I looked like a very interesting person and that why he wanted to have a chat. He would be meeting with some friends so he had to leave, he invited me to come but I declined as I was physically wrecked and needed to sleep on time. We swapped numbers and agreed that we should meet up somewhen whilst we were in Udaipur.

about 5 minutes after Bar had left, 2 other guys approached me. Luv and done, they were both local guys of 25 and we hung out there and chatted for about 2 hours until I was ready to go to bed. Such interesting guys, I had mentioned that I want to go to an astrologer whilst in India and it turned out that Dre comes from a long line of astrologers and his family had even served the royal family as astrologers! There are quite a few theories and philosophies in life that I truly believe in, the law of divine oneness, the law of attraction, the law of relativity. Since I have been in India the past 3 weeks, I have experienced many bizarre things or met certain people that really make me understand these theories better than ever. Everything just seems so connected and justified, I know it must sound awfully vague and if I could, I would explain it better but you really need to experience it for yourself.

I just had this feeling, this city was going to be a great experience, I was going to make some awesome memories here.

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