My Thoughts Before Starting A 10 Vipsssana Meditation Retreat In India

DISCLAIMER: When you read this I will have already started the 10 days of silence, I have scheduled this blog post to come up in the middle of my stay there so there is still some activity going on on my blog. I am sorry but I am not available for contact on the blog and there will also be no social media activity.

It is now an hour before my taxi will be here to take me to the retreat, I am not entirely sure what to expect and I am at a point of wondering what on earth I have gone and decided to go and do now. 10 days of complete silence is quite a long time, no reading or writing, no yoga. It is very daunting but I need to keep reminding myself why I am doing this in the first place and what an amazing experience this will be. Almost all of the reviews and experiences I have heard about regarding Vipassana have been life-changing for people.

I have made s short video for you. on how I am doing at the moment and what my feelings are. I intend to make an after video too. It will probably. Mott uplonoe so I will make sure it come online after the retreat.


Excuse the not so charming, unedited and raw footage.


Chloë O’Brien

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