Final Day In Aurangabad day 7

My alarm went off at 09:00, it was nice to have a lay-in and not really have any plans for today. I ordered some breakfast to my room as I didn’t want to be gawked at whilst eating again and it would mean that I could cat up one some of my Youtube subscriptions. I had a masala omelette with some toast and of course my favourite: a teapot filled with Chai. After I had had my breakfast I did some reading and caught up with a couple of people back home and sorted out my Instagram feed.

My only real plan for today was to head over to the post office to send a couple of things home as I had overpacked. This being my first backpacking trip I didn’t really know how much I needed to take with me or how it would work with washing my clothes. Next time I go backpacking I will know that I only need half of what I have with me now.

I put the location of the nearest post office in Google Maps and it said that it would take about 12 minutes to walk, I was rather happy as it wouldn’t require much effort. It turned out to take me about 40 minutes to get there walking dangerously on the side of the road like always. When I finally got there they couldn’t package my stuff at the post office, apparently, you need to do that at a stationary store. The man behind me in the queue was very kind and offered to help me, first by knocking on the doors of the surrounding houses to ask for a box for me to send my stuff in. When I finally got a box and was really chuffed, the lady at the post office said they charge for the size of the packaging as well as the weight so it would cost me a fortune. The man then said that he owns a packaging store and he would take me and sort it out. I got behind on his motorbike (here we go again) and within 5 minutes we were at his shop. After he had packaged my parcel for me he took me back and this time the lady was complaining that I didn’t have any declaration forms and it would cost me €50,- to send a parcel of 1,6 KG. I gave up, thanked the man and diced to order a taxi through Ola Cabs as I didn’t fancy walking all that way again through the rubble in 34-degree heat and long clothes on. The rickshaw was with me within 2 minutes and dropped me off at my hotel for 90 cents!!

When I was back at the hotel after wasting a considerable amount of time and still having excess luggage, I went down to the front desk to ask if they would please send someone out to buy me a torch and alarm clock as I didn’t really want to go out hunting for things again. For the past couple of days, I have been trying to buy earplugs but not even pharmacies sell them. The guy at the front desk said he would make sure that the following day my taxi driver would take me to the correct shops before taking me to my Vipassana as that was where I needed them.

After sorting that out, there was one final thing I wanted sorting to keep my head at ease whilst I would be meditating. A train ticket back to Mumbai on the 3rd of December so I could catch my flight on time for Udaipur. I messaged my hotel manager and he invited me into his office where he sorted my train ticket for me, we drank Chai and had a long pleasant chat about cultural differences and he wanted me to start a tourism business with him in India I thought he wasn’t being very until he got out his business plan and said that I could have 70% of the profits. It was an hour pleasantly spent and nice to have a normal chat with someone again today.

For the remainder of the afternoon, I finished some writing, did some more reading and took a nap so that I could stay up until late that evening because there was someone I really wanted to chat with on the phone before having no contact for the coming 12 days. Late in the evenings I also find it easiest to write, my thoughts just tend to flow and I get sucked into the zone and before I know it, I have written what seems like a book, all about the day that I have had and how I am experiencing this journey. It is nice to put thoughts and feelings onto paper or to type them out, it means you can let them go and continue with whatever will happen next without everything piling up.


Chloë O’Brien

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